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Your complete rainwater, greywater, and wastewater solutions.

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Low-cost, low-maintenance systems for small households. A cost effective way to use rainwater as freshwater for your garden and home. A scalable system for any size household, business, or community up 1,000 people.


Residential wastewater

With the Graf EClean 20, we have sourced one of the very best wastewater systems available worldwide. Fresh to the New Zealand market, this energy efficient German technology provides low cost, reliable and effective effluent treatment for households.
The Graf EClean 20 has the following features:
-  Designed to run on very low energy or solar power (.55 kWh/day = 10c approx.) to save you money
-  Treated water easily meets and often exceeds Council standards, even with varied inflow volumes
-  Compact and concealed, the system features a telescopic lid that sits flush with your lawn
-  Easy to install with minimal excavation needed
-  A proven, low maintenance system used in more than 40 countries, and by more than 200,000 people worldwide.
Looking for a larger residential or other wastewater system that can cater to over 1,000 people and treat up to 2,000L/day, while maintaining an emergency reserve storage? Scroll down to our KLARO Wastewater Systems.  

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Rainwater harvesting can be a simple and cost-effective answer for many people to supply freshwater to your household. It’s a great source of water for the garden in the dryer months, washing clothes, showering, and – if it’s properly treated – drinking and cooking.
We have everything you need to install a rainwater harvesting system. Let us help you work out what size tank and equipment you need, and hook you up with the right gear for the job.


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Wastewater treatment systems

We recommend KLARO wastewater systems to our customers. KLARO offers efficient and environmentally safe wastewater treatment that is easy to maintain. Whether it‘s a single household, communal facilities, communities, hotels or restaurants, the solution is the same, a KLARO wastewater system.
Based in Germany, KLARO has more than 300,000 users of its quality systems worldwide. These systems more than comply with New Zealand resource management plans. The units are efficient, low maintenance and cater from household size to over 1,000 people. It can treat up to 2,000L/day and even maintain an emergency reserve storage.


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Meet the wastewater team

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Alastair Lewis
Clayton Lewis
Allflow wastewater consultant Sales consultant and technical advisor

Alastair has been working in the wastewater field for more than 40 years, starting out in 1977 when the Lewis family ran a septic tank cleaning operation with vacuum tankers.

Alastair says he’s seen major changes in new products and technology over the years, but reckons the biggest change was when on-site wastewater treatment systems for houses and businesses came on the market (as opposed to the old septic tank and soak pit that was not a very successful solution especially in clay.)

Alastair says the Allflow team makes sure they are up to date with the very best and most sustainable wastewater products available on the market. “We research around the world, at trade shows and through our contacts in the industry, and we always look for quality in whatever we provide to our customers.”

Clayton is the problem solver on the Allflow team and that’s the way he likes it. When there’s a particular customer request that’s a bit out of the ordinary, it’s often fired through to Clayton for resolving.

“It’s rewarding sorting out the right solution for people – finding the best product or customising equipment for people’s specific needs,” he says. “Where there’s a bigger project or a higher degree of complexity, I tend to get involved.”

Providing both technical and sales support at Allflow, Clayton works mainly in the wastewater and vacuum parts of the business, as well as assisting customers with pumping equipment in the shop.



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About Allflow

Allflow specialises in providing innovative, high quality pumping equipment and vacuum tanker products for industrial requirements that will exceed expectations.

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