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Kaiser Pumps

Allflow partners with the largest liquid waste manufacturer in the world for pumps and trucks

Allflow has sold Moro rotary vane vacuum pumps for years. Moro merged with Kaiser to become Kaiser Moro. Maska Lewis, Allflow’s Account Manager – Vacuum Truck Sales, says that his customers rave about them and really rate their quality.

“Now that the two companies are joined, Allflow can offer a unique product to the New Zealand market. Kaiser’s trucks are some of the best in the world too. Together, Kaiser Moro is allowing Allflow to offer trucks that feature Moro pumps that suit the New Zealand market.”

Maska says there's a new Kaiser Moro package for New Zealand businesses.

“Allflow is the first in the world doing this with Kaiser Moro, customising their vehicles, pumps, and components in a way that is useful to our needs here in New Zealand. We told them that if they supply us with the right options, we’d definitely find buyers. We know there is a market for trucks of this quality, durability, and with the unique features Kaiser Moro can provide.”

With this arrangement, Allflow now has access to all of the Kaiser range of vacuum tanker equipment too.

“We’re going to continue expanding the trucks on offer that feature Moro/Kaiser pumps. We’re also going to add to our range of Kaiser pumps too, which are water ring pumps. We’re still working out what else to stock and Kaiser Moro is working on some designs for trucks for us to present to the market.
“We’re partners with the largest liquid waste manufacturer in the world, so we can offer the New Zealand market something others can’t.

"Allflow holds the sole distribution rights for the Kaiser Moro brand for a reason,” Maska says. “They make the highest quality vacuum tankers in the business bar none. With their complete service and the added assurance of the one-year warranty, we are really proud to offer this level of product to our customers because they can rely on its performance and durability for years.

“The parts are guaranteed for longer and you can obtain replacement parts when needed because Kaiser AG in Europe has been around for 100 years.”
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