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Allflow has decades of experience in the clean water and waste water services business. We are always pleased to be able to help our customers with information to make their jobs and lives easier.

See our products in action on YouTube

Visit our YouTube Channel to see how some of our key products work, like the new vacuum truck packages or the GRAF EClean 20 residential wastewater system.

Price your jobs with our website

Customers tell us that our website has become an invaluable tool in pricing their jobs. The site is user-friendly and it saves time if you don't have to come into the shop to price each item.

We stock thousands of top quality products, with more and more added regularly. Most products have full descriptions with features and specifications, and sometimes we'll link you to the manufacturer's site for more detail.

It's important to know that you’ll get exactly the same competitive price in the store as you do online.

If you haven't tried this, give it a go. Allflow’s website is easy to navigate and it's optimised for desktop, tablet, and smart phones. Once you've found the product you're interested in, if there are various sizes click to find the one you're after and the price automatically populates. If you have any questions, you can send an enquiry or contact our store to speak one-to-one with our knowledgeable staff.

Customer testimonials and case studies

We are delighted to have such incredible support from our customers. A few of them have shared their story with us.


We supply parts and equipment to trades people in various industries: plumbing, farming, waste water services, engineers, builders, you name it. We either stock or can order any part you need to complete your pumping jobs.

Here is some helpful advice we provide frequently to our trade customers.


We sell a variety of supplies to individuals who come into our shop looking to start a new irrigation system for their garden, fix a quick plumbing issue, install and supply water to their home, or to install a waste water system at their property.

Here is some helpful advice we've collected over the years for non-trade customers.

About Allflow

Allflow specialises in providing innovative, high quality pumping equipment and vacuum tanker products for industrial requirements that will exceed expectations.

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