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About Us

Allflow has been serving the top of the South since the 1960s, including waste water services from 1977.

We source the products so you can do the best job for your customers.

Allflow’s origins date back to the early 1960s. Our team supplied and serviced pumps and associated equipment around Nelson. From 1977, we have been involved in the waste water industry including field experience.

With decades of experience in the industry, our staff know first-hand about the clean water and waste water industries. We specialise in this area and know detailed information about the equipment you need to get the job done.

World's most reliable brands

We take the time to source the best products we can find from around the world. Whether it's Italy, the Netherlands, the USA, Australia, or New Zealand, our brands are the best you can find. This means your jobs are done to the highest standard and with the durable, equipment from reliable suppliers, all at a competitive price and with product guarantees. Through ongoing research and development, listening to our customers, identifying needs and supplying solutions, we always look to introduce new, innovative and environmentally beneficial products for the industry.

Customer satisfaction

Our customer surveys tell us that more than 90 percent of our customers are extremely satisfied or satisfied with our service, products, and value. We're grateful to have your trust and business. We'll continue to build on that trust and keep your loyalty. We also strive to provide innovative, economical and reliable solutions for the industries we serve.

Specialised knowledge

Everyone on the Allflow team has a vast range of knowledge of the specialised equipment and processes that help the industries we serve. We pride ourselves on this and look for every opportunity to expand our knowledge to better serve you. We have developed a formidable reputation and extensive acceptance within all industry sectors.

Company Values

  • Integrity

    We strive for the highest ethical standards. Being consistent, honest, accountable, and fair towards our customers, suppliers, and business personnel.
  • Quality

    We invest in superior products and focusing on continuous improvements to provide solutions for our customers and our business.
  • Belief

    We treat every individual with the fullest respect and dignity.
  • Environment

    We provide friendly, efficient, and on-time service and actively protect the environment around us.


About Allflow

Allflow specialises in providing innovative, high quality pumping equipment and vacuum tanker products for industrial requirements that will exceed expectations.

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Contact Information
Phone: 03 543 9057
0800 255 356
58 Gladstone Road
Richmond 7020
New Zealand